This government should not act as if people trust them – Seun Kuti speaks on EndSARS protest

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Afrobeat musician and activist Seun Kuti has called on the Federal Government to listen to protesters across the nation and meet their demands and avoid taking decisions based on the belief that it had the trust of the people.

Speaking on Channels’ TV Sunday politics, the singer stated that the government does not fully get what is being demanded and what the protest is about.

He said;

“This government should not act as if people trust them. They should not wear that toga for themselves. That is what I am saying.

“People should not sit in their high offices in Abuja. Bring yourself off your high horse. Come and relate with the people that just voted for you. Come and really hear what is going on.

“They have done judicial enquiry against SARS two years ago, what came out of it? It was this same government.”

On claims of the protest being hijacked, Seun Kuti said;

“Don’t feel victimized, don’t think there is somebody trying to get you. No. These are your people trying to talk to you.

“This is actually a moment that we can actually build a bridge (between the government and the people), but they don’t want to hear that.”


  1. Why don’t you even no want to see us or listen to us? Who do we even be to you self? You only come out to us when you need us for your own selfishness around the time of elections, this is the time we need you most and you have to listen to us and do our needful.

  2. Government should not even have it in there mind may be we have any trust in them, because they are a betrayal, Nigeria government are not the type you can trust or relly on them, firstly they selfish, they are full of corruption, they are not example of anything, so why are we decieving our self.

  3. The government always play on intelligence of the citizens, if they (government) can come down to the level of it’s citizens, everything will be in accordance. The protesters shouldn’t relent their efforts.

  4. Protesters shouldn’t let the hired hoodlums discourage them in pursuing their#endsarsandpolicebrutality because if they are discouraged they won’t be able to achieve their objectives.

  5. A stitch in nine saves time. I will just implore the government that they shouldn’t sit on the gun because if care is not taking, everything may escalate to the extent that They won’t be able to curtail it.

  6. Whem someone treats you like an option, help them narrow their choices by removing yourself from the equation. It’s that simple.

  7. That is cuz they have lost our for a long period of time….. This is a perfect time to build the bridge between the government and the citizens..

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