(Video) Protesters break Benin Prison, free Inmates

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Protesters around Kings Square in Benin City, the capital city of Edo State have broken the walls of the headquarters of the Nigeria Correctional Centre (Nigeria prisons in Benin).

The protesters, after gaining entrance into the prison through the fence freed inmates in the prisons along Benin Sapele Road, near Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ office.


  1. This is going beyond police brutality, we shouldn’t Free those bokoharam people who is among the prisoners. This is uncalled for.

  2. I don’t think that its the protesters did that,
    Those are paid thugs that disguised as protesters to that it will look as if those things were destroyed by peaceful protesters.
    Maybe they have forgotten that There is God and he is watching.

  3. Protesters should trend it softly, because we shouldn’t allow this protest to lead something else. This is bad idea indeed.

  4. This is dangerous to our country, releasing prisoners is not in best solution to what we are demanding for, I’m using this opportunity to implore the protesters not to derail from their focus.

  5. This is not right at all, is not even making any sense, but with my own view….the protesters are not the one behind the seen. I think some things from unknown sources.

  6. That is bad… Protest is now been used for another thing… This is supposed to be opportunity to change this country for good but now it turning something else.

  7. This is not what we need o, una no do the right thing at all, why you go break the prison now, omo thief’s go plenty for naija o. This has beyond protest, let do the right thing to achieve our aim

  8. There are not the one behind the seen, government are trying to use the medium opportunity of endSars protest to release the prisonner so that they can rope the protesters.

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