(Video)”The Government will keep releasing prisoners and blame EndSARS protesters”- Dr Olufunmilayo predicts

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Twitter user, Dr Harvey Olufunmilayo has predicted several events that will take place following the release of prisoners from Benin prison which he had predicted

(Video)"The Government will keep releasing prisoners and blame EndSARS protesters"- Dr Olufunmilayo predicts 4

According to a voice message which he shared on Twitter, Dr. Harvey made it known that the government will continue to release prisoners, burn down police stations and blame it on EndSARS protesters.

Listen to his messages below:


  1. Africans and their so called leaders. We are still very much backwards but let us be waiting and watching
    God is in control

  2. Now it has come to pass, hoodlums have been attacking people, jail is being break. I will just implore the protesters to be careful not to fall victim of those hoodlums.

  3. Government with different tactics, if the protesters didn’t be extra careful, they might say they are the one causing panic and place a ban on them.

  4. Protesters need to be vigilant because of those thugs can kill anyone and be putting the blames on the protesters. Therefore, the shouldn’t allow them.

  5. Good cuz we already have people who thinks of the govt moved before it even happens…. All we get to do not to follow there useless plans… Stupid people

  6. Which is exactly what they are doing now and it will go to other States where they will keep releasing prisoners and blaming it on peaceful protesters of #EndSARS. The federal government is the ones behind all this.

  7. How can a government burn police stations and realise prisoners, will the government destroy its self. I don’t believe the story

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