EndSARS: APC chieftain, Hussaini Coomassie apologises to Nigerian Youths for his utterances

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A Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Hussaini Coomassie, has apologized to Nigerian youths after he threw blames at President Muhammadu Buhari for taking the protest lightly instead of applying an iron fist to the issue.

Coomassie, who is the Deputy National Coordinator of the Buhari Campaign Organisation, had in a video last Saturday, described the nationwide protests as “nonsense,” comparing Buhari to Obasanjo saying if it were in the time of Obasanjo, he wouldn’t have tolerated the protests.

But in another video he shared on Monday night, after receiving more than he bargained for from Nigerian youths on social media, Coomassie appeared remorseful, saying that he was only airing his opinion and didn’t mean to offend anyone.

“Good evening teeming Nigerian youths out there on the streets day and night protesting for the end of SARS or police brutality. As a Nigerian, like any other Nigerian, I have a right to air my view

“It may suit some people and it may hurt some people but in whichever way you take it, I am deeply sorry for the utterances I made in that video. Please accept my sincere apology. I endorse you fully and wholeheartedly, he said


  1. Is nothing but recognizing the reality that what has happened has already happened, and that there’s no point in allowing it to dominate the rest of your life

  2. It is like this Man is very stupid and useless
    Go and tell your story to the wood. No one is interested in hearing or listening to the rubbish you are saying

  3. As for me here…. Your apology accepted, because we offend God and if we pray and request for his Mercy and his forgiveness he we do, so who are we human being that can not accept apology, you are highly welcome man.

  4. I know many Nigerians we be online reading this today, but in the first place, it was very hot as you spoke out that very day, but today now you make an apology to Nigerians which I believe your apology must accept successfully. But mind your speech next time.

  5. There are few things in life that cannot be resolved with kindness. Forgive the one that hurts you and you will find forgiveness back in some way or the other

  6. You must forgive those who hurt you, if you don’t forgive they have the power over you, forgiveness is for you and no one else

  7. In my previous comment on what he uttered then comparing former president obasanjo and president buhari, I said it then that if one his children or family has been a victim he won’t be saying such thrash but he later realized and apologize.

  8. Everyone entitle to air his/her own opinion but with reasonable opinion not the one that cause problem or chaos, thank God for realizing your mistakes.

  9. To err is human and forgive is divine, when someone realizes his or her mistakes and tender apology nothing else than to accept the apology. I

  10. That is good… Our tolerance of this behavior is at the peak and that is why we are revolting now but this is just the beginning of large scale revolution of this country…

  11. The most careless set of people in this country are the politicians….all they care about is their selfish interest

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