EndSARS Protest: Oyo State Governor shuts down schools

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Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde, has announced the closure of all private and public schools in the state.

The announcement followed the violence that occurred in the State on Tuesday where three (3) people reportedly died during a protest against police brutality in the state

It was gathered from residents that three people were killed during a clash between some policemen at Ojoo Police station and some protesters on Tuesday.

Makinde in a statement said the order takes effect from Wednesday, October 21, 2020.

Meanwhile, Lagos and Ekiti states have declared a 24 hour curfew and shut down schools.


  1. The government initially took the #endsars protest with levity hand but now they have realized that the youths are not joking with their demands. Good step governor seyi makinde.

  2. The lives and the properties of the citizens matter most, if you do anything in your capacity to save the the lives and properties of your citizens it’s not much and we also appreciate you for the step taking.

  3. Everywhere don scatter
    Fire on the mountain
    End bad governance in Nigeria, bad governance is the cause of all these problems

  4. If care is not taking this may lead to revolution that sowore has been agitating for. Government should quickly address the plights of the citizens not only youths because if you declared 24hrs curvew what will happen after the time is passed. They should profer solution not negligence.

  5. This is better decisions, in other not to risky our hope of tomorrow life. I love seyi makinde decision for school closure.

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