EndSARS Protests have been hijacked, many raped, killed – Philip Shaibu laments

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The deputy Governor of Edo State, Philip Shaibu has lamented on the current state of the peaceful EndSARS Protest which has been hijacked by hoodlums.

Shaibu who confirmed that there were jail breaks in two Correctional Centres on Monday, said 3 ladies were raped and many others killed by reckless drivers and for this reason the state government had to swing into action to save lives and property, insisting that these were not the genuine #EndSARS protesters.

“Hoodlums actually have taken over the exercise,” Mr. Shaibu told Channels TV.

“It’s quite unfortunate that the #EndSARS protest today in Benin went violent. The Correctional Service at Sapele Road and Oko Prison were invaded and there were jail breaks on both sides.

“And before then, during the weekend, we were having some…hoodlums take over actually. Yesterday, three young ladies were raped and some, through reckless driving hitting some persons, a lot of lives are already being lost and for the state government, it is not acceptable.

“For the legitimate protest by the #EndSARS, we acknowledge the fact that they have the rights to protest and that demands are legitimate.

“But the events of the day before yesterday, and today…I’m very convinced that it’s not the same young men and women I joined in this #EndSARS rally on two occasions.

“So, it became very important that we protect lives and property, including even the genuine ENDSARS protesters.”


  1. So who is to blame, your government of course
    You are supposed to protect the real peaceful protesters and arrest the trouble makers, but instead you fail to do the needful

  2. This correctional center that was break in sapele road, benni was not from protesters, some thugs that has been using for so long by the government are behind the prison break.

  3. If you watch the video very well, you will see what I’m trying to say, that the protesters are not the one responsible for the prison break.

  4. How protesters go break prison? Is that possible? How thus that one concern the protesters? Make una no lie for them o.

  5. It is a good decision to take that drastic step in order not to allow things to deteriorate beyond remedy and also you shouldn’t forget the purpose of this protest right from the beginning.

  6. Lives and properties is worthy to be protected and if governments fail to do it will be a slap on them, if we are saying that we are fighting for our freedom from brutality we shouldn’t also step on another person’s freedom. Raping, killing and maim is not part of this struggle.

  7. We should remember that no life worthy to be lose if we are fighting for right we should also remember not to step on another person’s right also, this thing needs wisdom. Well development from state government.

  8. Everybody has gone through something that has changed them in a way that they could never go back to the person they once were.Sars done gone.

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