Orile-Iganmu Police Station set ablaze by hoodlums

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A group of people suspected to be hoodlums have burnt down the police station situated in Orile-Iganmu Local Government Area of Lagos State. Eyewitnesses said the incident occurred around 09.45 am.

The police station services both Iganmu community in Apapa Iganmu and Orile Community in Coker/Aguda.

Following the destruction of the police station, many #EndSARS protesters have taken to social media to condemn the action of the hoodlums.

They insist they have nothing to do with the incident noting that there was no #EndSARS protest in Orile area of Lagos State on Tuesday.

See tweets containing photos and videos from the incident below…

Credit: Channels TV


  1. I don’t think that the peaceful protester have hands in all these burning of Police Stations and breaking of Prison walls
    But one thing is sure and that thing is both the thugs
    and the sponsors will not go unpunished

  2. What is wrong with these hoodlums
    While are they trying to spoil the efforts of peaceful ENDSARS protesters
    This is soo bad

  3. Some of analyst have said that before that the government will send thugs and hoodlums to sabotage the effort of protesters and I pray that God will not grant them the power. It’s not possible for the protesters to go ahead and burnt down police station.

  4. How would those people fighting for freedom will go ahead and fight evils with evil, the protesters are not fools and ignorance, they all know that this police station was built with their tax and they will go ahead burn it, nooooo. It is a lie the protesters are not the one.

  5. I don’t think protesters are responsible for all these damages that has been happening. They are the one contribute more to prosthetic leg for the one who needs it, they also contributed money for the human that is selling groundnut and many more. Those who contributed to the growth of the people will now burnt police station, lie lie lie.

  6. Even without any explanation, it should be known to everyone that non of #endsars protesters belong to this. We know what is going on, everything has with Nigeria government, they can rope anybody but excluding #endsars protesters.

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