We need a total shutdown until these politicians start to answer – Tuface Idibia

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Legendary Nigerian musician, Innocent ‘Tuface’ Idibia, has thrown his weight behind the ongoing protest against police brutality in the country.

In a tweet on his verified Twitter handle, the Benue-born singer said Nigeria should be shut down completely, amid the End SARS protest and Nigerians should stop going to work until politicians were made to answer for bad governance.

According to him only markets should be allowed to open.

“I wonder why everybody is still going to work. We need a total shutdown until these politicians start to answer!! Unless they want to use SARS to pursue us to go work #EndSARS. “#EndPoliceBrutality #endimpunity #endlooting, only market for essential things should open,” he wrote.


  1. I support you 2BABA. You have said the truth
    When I hear people talking of work, I laugh
    What is the meaning of work, compaired to the demands the people are making

  2. You need to lead by example, once you lead by example we are ready to follow you. But to waste someone’s life and you and your will be enjoying lives, we won’t accept that.

  3. We don’t need to shut down totally because it will affect average Nigerians but strategic area. Everything needs wisdom and we must apply it. This police brutality must end.

  4. Government should quickly intervene before things getting out of hand. Handling issues with negligence by government will not solve the issues. Government should wait till issue brutal more than these.

  5. says Be who you are, and say what you feel, because those that matter won’t mind, and those that mind, won’t matter.

  6. Yes 2baba I love that, you always say the truth, we need total shortdown in the country, but only market should open because of Hungary .

  7. It is only the true sons and daughters of 🇳🇬 that can stand out in this challenging period of our country.
    Because Blood is thicker than water.
    More Grace to True Nigeria Youths 🇳🇬 We Shall Surly Conquer the bad eggs… 🙏

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