Gov Sanwo-Olu says one person has died at Reddington Hospital but not sure if he was a protester

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Governor Sanwo-Olu just confirmed the death of one person at Reddington hospital in Lekki, Lagos.

In a tweet posted on Wednesday October 21, the governor said he isn’t sure if the person was a protester at the Lekki tollgate last night.

”Information reaching us now is that a life was lost at Reddington Hospital due to blunt force trauma to the head. It is an unfortunate and very sad loss. This is an isolated case. We are still investigating if he was a protester.” he tweeted

This comes after his press briefing where he said there were no casualties in the gunshot incident at the Lekki tollgate last night.


  1. Governor Sanwolu why!!! With all these evidences you still go ahead and denied the yesterday situation, I don’t think you will be forgiven. Only one people keee.

  2. Politicians are full of lies, I don’t think if politicians don’t lie they stay healthy? Not at all, with many videos clips that we have seen then you still have the guts to Denied.

  3. Can Nigeria move forward with this kind of leaders in our nation. In they should all resign and bow down shame. Only one person haaaa.

  4. Are you not ashamed of yourself at this time, what the world is watching on live, you are still lieing about it, you have disgrace yourself and no soap can wash it away from your eyes.

  5. I don’t know this man is so useless like this, why are you lying, upon all the evidence gathered…..and you saw it, you still continue defending what is not so. You must bear for this. Useless governor.

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