Hillary Clinton is not qualified to tell Nigeria what to do – Adamu Garba

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Former Presidential Aspirant, Adamu Garba has reacted to Hillary Clinton’s comment on the recent killings at lekki toll gate on Tuesday night.

In a tweet shared via his Twitter handle, he said Hillary Clinton is not qualified to tell Nigeria what to do as she and others were playing at the entire breakdown of law and order in the country saying they have a sole agenda of fighting God and nature, turning people into aliens, gays, lesbians.

He tweeted;

“I told you that we knew the script these guys are playing at: the entire breakdown of law & order in Nigeria Same Hilary spearhead the destruction of Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and even Egypt at some point wants to import venom in Nigeria Nigerians are wiser, no way for you here.

“As most traveled & least accomplished Secretary of State of U.S, Hilary’s underwhelming Middle East policy saw the destruction of families, women, children, properties, government & people. This they planned to extend to Nigeria. She is not qualified to tell Nigeria what to do.

“Let all these evil left wing actors, whose sole agenda is to fight against God and against nature, whose mission is to turn us into aliens, gays, lesbians, blood sucking abortionist, leave the shores of Nigeria and Africa We say NO to foreign medlars and alien cultures. Thanks.


  1. You are a big bastard for saying that, who are you to criticize Hillary Clinton? Sir you are out of your senses, why can’t her have sympathy for humanity, she is not like you that did not have any humans feeling, USA government is more far better than Nigeria government and our useless people called our leaders, apart from what you mentioned.,..gales, lesbian, and others what did Americans lack? What is even concern the gales and lesbian you mentioned? Is Clinton talking about that? If you are truly a good leader why can’t you give Clinton proper explanation behind the killing of protesters in lekki. Stupid people.

  2. No matter what you say, the world has already know what is going on in the nation. Whether you allow Hillary Clinton say something or not.

  3. Hillary Clinton entitle to her opinion as you also entitle to your own opinion, you can sue her if you find anything bad in her statement.

  4. So, if you become a president of the Nigeria and anybody call your attention to something which remain small, instead of you to address the issue you will be sue them.

  5. Dear Adamu, concentrate on the issue on ground, stop buying affection from disgruntled elements.for whatever it’s worth Hillary Clinton is campaigning against the rogue government, which u are trying to protect…………….

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