I will reveal the Names of Five Most Notorious SARS officers – Senator Abaribe

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Minority Leader of the Senate, Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe has announced that he will be revealing thefive ‘most notorious’ officers of the disbanded Special Anti-Robbery Squad of the Nigeria Police.

The Abia senator who said this in response to Senator Biodun Olujimi’s motion on the #EndSARS protests and the need for comprehensive police reforms in the country, stated that part of what is going to resolve the issue is for President Buhari to look at the issue and address the nation on them.

He said; 

“I support this motion. I think part of what is going to resolve this issue is for the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to look at the issue and address the nation on them.

“I will also forward to you (the Senate) the names of the five most notorious SARS Officers who have been fingered in killing so many Nigerians.”

On President Buhari addressing the nation, Abaribe said; 

“I suggest also that in doing that, he (Buhari) must try a way of setting up a judicial panel that will have people that are well respected by the same youth so that they can address a certain issue and that issue is those notorious SARS officers that have been identified and even identified by the Presidential Panel.”


  1. Our leaders are evil, you know those who are the position of authority are also the one harboring criminals. Since all these days you know criminals and you are shelter them. This is bad.

  2. Since when we have been agitating for#endsars poop. Why can’t you speak up? Not too late you can still name them for Nigerians to see and to know them.

  3. Nigeria is full of deciet people and where there is no justice, everyone of you are servants of evil which we shouldn’t believe in. Nigerians have been agitating for #endpolicebrutality, you are still saying you can you expose them or what. Wicked people.

  4. Why did you wait for so long ? Why can’t you and your colleagues in the assembly handle it before now .You would have safe a lot of life .Your criminal silence is a sign of leadership failure.

  5. The evil shall come across you people our leader, you are there to protect us and guide the citizen by providing the needful for us, but instead you are killing us and using the country security that suppose to protect the citizen you turn them against us, is not fear …… You we one day face the consequences by the almighty Allah.

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