Nigerian Army denies shooting protesters at Lekki toll gate

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Nigerian Army has denied shooting protesters at the Lekki toll gate on Tuesday night.

Hours after the declaration of a 24-hour curfew in the state, military personnel opened fire on protesters at Lekki tollgate with some protesters killed and injured

But Reacting, the Army in a statement on its Twitter handle, said its soldiers were not at the scene as they tagged it to be fake news and also denied seizing corpses of victims at the scene.

It tweeted; Be aware!!! Fake news, no soldiers were at the scene.”


  1. In first instance, why did government removed all CCTV camera at lekki toll gate? Why did government off the lights if not for the sake of atrocities They want to commit. I’m deeply wept.

  2. I’m not expecting them to say they are the one even if you meet a theif at the seen of robbery, the theif will still denied. Removing CCTV camera, we saw the technician who removed the camera with our eyes and you are still denied it.

  3. Nigerian leaders with there various lies, then how are we going to move forward. They are full lies, lies upon lies that why we said we don’t believe in them anymore. They should leave the stage for the youths.

  4. Boko haram will keep killing them. And they will not know peace.. After all the live videos they still have the mind to deny.

  5. It’s a big lie, Nigeria army is telling lie, we have a video that shows everything, which shows the army on uniform, why are you now telling us what is not so, you must bear for the Lost of innocent people that are doing peaceful protest.

  6. My question is after watching what happened yesterday to unarmed peaceful protesters at lekki, what right do we have as a Nation to question the killings of Nigerians in Libya, South Africa and Ghana if the government can do this to it’s citizens.

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