Oba of Lagos Palace attacked and looted; staff of office stolen (videos)

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An angry mob attacked the palace of the Oba of Lagos and carted away personal belongings including his staff of office. 

Oba of Lagos Palace attacked and looted (videos)
Oba of Lagos Palace attacked and looted (videos)

Watch the videos from the scene below.


  1. Please youths! Let’s be hold this because this situation is getting out of hand and we must not allow those hoodlums to hijacked this peaceful protest.

  2. Yoruba think twice (Yoruba ronu), this is our nation (oduduwa nation). If we able to succeed in division where are we to use as head quarter abi. Please is enough.

  3. We need to give honour to t who deserves it, we don’t need to ridicule our Kings before they know that we are fighting for our right. Dowse the tension.

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