Sanwo-Olu orders probe on shooting of EndSARS protesters to report to Buhari

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Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has ordered an investigation into the shooting of End SARS protesters after Nigerian Army troops opened fire on unarmed youths Tuesday night.

In his broadcast on Wednesday, Sanwo-Olu announced that a panel would be set up to probe the shootings.

The governor said the 5-man Fact-Finding Committee will look into the Rules of Engagement ordered and adopted by the Nigerian Army. The body will be headed by a retired military officer not less than the rank of a General

“The report will be presented to the President within 2-weeks”, Sanwo-Olu added.


  1. Firstly order the probe of the person who authorised them to remove the CCTV camera situated at the toll gate then brought the person to book. We will now know that you are talking.

  2. Is there anyone who has the got to remove camera without your authorization, no, it’s not possible. Setting the panel of enquiry is wasting your precious time.

  3. Which buhari are you talking about? With all what is happening in this country buhari kept quiet without saying a word and you said we have president, I don’t think so.

  4. The Lagos State Governor,Jide Sanwo-Olu cannot feign any ignorance about the shooting and killing at the Lekki Toll gate plaze.With his utterances and actions,he has just brought a big problem to the state,which is going to spread like wild fire, across the state,the South-West region and the country as a whole.The killing of the protesters is definitely going to introduce new dimensions to the demands of the Nigeria youths.

  5. Mhhhhh! I laugh at this so called governor
    He feels it is business as usual
    No one will accept your panel because you did it

  6. They ordered the CCTV and Street Lights to be switched off, then they shoot innocent people to death simply because their children are in overseas enjoying the Nation’s money they looted.
    They don’t care if all the youth dies so long as their Children are safe. God why did we ever allow these Old Vampires to lead us in the first place???!
    Now you want to set up a panel to investigate the shooting? Investigation that will last for 20yrs without any tangible results?!
    Who is fooling Who?!

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