BBNaija’s Gifty mocks End SARS protesters; accuses them of ‘wasting lives all because of protesting’

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Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Gifty Powers has mocked End SARS protesters while accusing them of wasting lives in the name of protests.

After multiple lives were lost following days of protests calling for an end to police brutality in Nigeria, the former reality star took to Instagram to put the blame on the End SARS protesters. She also told protesters that it’s “too late” now because they’ve “woken the lion up.”

“Na now una dey stay indoors… noooo continue protesting,” she wrote.

She added: “When you are praying to God eh, pray for wisdom too.

“It’s too late… you all have woken the lion up… 

“Ok did your protest bring back the dead? Una wan do wenti America don do… Don’t compare Nigeria with America ooo… there is a great giant difference…

“Nooo they shouldn’t stay home ooo… the protest should continue.”

“When I was saying that everyone should go home in one piece, dem say I dey talk like mad woman… Oya naa see the result here… Everything in this life no be gra-gra ooo.. Life na planning…

“All the shouting wey una do, e bring back the people wey don die? No. So why waste more lives all because of protesting…”



  1. From all what you have said, is there any words of wisdom there too? Is that how to spoke to a person? If those protesters say you are mad woman they didn’t made a mistakes at all.

  2. You better keep shut if you don’t Know what to say and don’t add to the agony of those who died and wounded one in face of protesting. The protest is peaceful one before hijackers take over.

  3. Instead of you to condemn the killing of innocent people by the hoodlums, thugs and Nigerian security, you are here blaming those who stands up to fight for their right. Are we not going to enjoy the freedom together?

  4. Someone that didn’t even enter third round of BBN. She just wanted her name to be remembered all this disguised prostitutes

  5. My friend if you don’t have something reasonable to say just close that gutter of yours you call mouth.
    When they achieve their aim now, you will still enjoy it more than them.

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