Lekki toll gate shooting:We have no control over the street lights or CCTV – Seyi Tinubu’s media firm explains

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Seyi Tinubu’s media firm, Loatsad Promomedia has made clarification on their earlier statement of turning off the billboard prior to Lekki toll gate shooting.

The media company had earlier admitted turning off the billboard lights based on Governor Sanwo-Olu’s “curfew request”.

“When we started in 2014, we had a plan to change the perception of African start-ups in the global space. We believed as Africans, we could create something great and we set out with a N4m loan from a bank and we started trading, going from door to door begging for work and relentlessly grew the business employing and empowering over 200 Nigerians today directly or indirectly. We have supported many upcoming businesses, artists, people in need as giving back to our community has always been our passion (all this can be verified).

“All of our achievements thus far have come the from hard work, sweat and determination of our work force and everything Loatsad has been doing has been open, all taxes are remitted and payments to agencies and regulatory bodies have been timely, so we can be proud to say we are contributing the growth of the industry and Nation.

“When the “EndSars” and “say no to police brutality” protests started from day one we wholly supported the movement and used all our platforms to promote the messages (I believe the promoters can verify this information) as we believed in the cause.

“On Tuesday when the curfew was announced we heeded the governors warnings and didn’t want our staff in any danger, hence by 3pm our staff had been ordered to leave the site and the board was switched off based on the governors curfew request.

“We had no idea what was going to happen and we feel the same anguish, pain and shock at the events that unfolded and our hearts and prayers go out to the victims and families of this ungodly act. We believe in this movement and that it was the start of the change our generation needed to move our country forward and we will continue to support the youths of this great nation.”

However after getting called out on social media, the company has now said that it has no control over the street lights and CCTV which were also turned off prior to the shooting that led to the deaths of many and also left others injured.

It said in a rejoinder statement;

“Following our earlier post detailing what transpired at the Lekki toll gate yesterday, we would like to address the sensational headlines making the rounds. Like every other business in Lagos and in compliance with the curfew issued by the Governor, we told our staff to leave all our sites at 3pm in order for them to adhere to the 4pm curfew issued. All news coverage around that period clearly show the billboard was off before 4pm (we will implore this to be verified).

All we operate is the billboard at this location and we have no control over the street lights or CCTV. When we were approached by the organisers of the protest to help them with power, we gave them unfettered use of our generator and ensured our technical staff was physically present to control the board for their use. And when the events were over he will leave at midnight.

On this occasion we were highly concerned about our staff members who live very far from Victoria Island. On no account will we have turned off our board on the same comrades we worked with throughout the entire period the protests were ongoing at the Tollplaza

Our hearts continue to go out to the victims and families of the tragic turn of events that have taken place. we are really heartbroken at the way things turned out and we pray our land is healed by God’s grace.


  1. Im not really sure you are absolutely Ok, who requested such explanation from you, you and your useless, shameful father shall pay for the lost of the protesters you killed.

  2. Stop decieving us…. We know that you do it based on the orders of your father and that of president… All of you shall never know peace

  3. We all know that base on the incident that happened at the lekki toll gate you can’t make any decisions without being informed to do so, what happened on that night is so disheartening. May their souls rest in peace.

  4. May Almighty God healed the wounded of those who have affected in one way or the other, no matter the situation the governor suppose not order for removing of CCTV and switch off the lights, if not for the genocide they are intend to carry out. Wicked people.

  5. Does curfew has anything to do with the lights, are the people of the state won’t make use of the light in the night. They have already had intentions of killing innocent protesters and Sanwolu later succeeded. You are not to be blamed.

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