Bring down Lekki Toll Gate permanently and build a statue for every one killed that night – C’River Health Commissioner

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Cross River State Health Commissioner, Dr. Betta Edu has suggested that the Lekki Toll Gate be permanently brought down and replaced with a statue of the #EndSARS protesters who reportedly lost their lives on Tuesday, October 20.

According to her, the victims’ names should be written in bold letters so that they can forever be remembered as heroes who died for a better Nigeria.

“Bring down Lekki Toll Gate permanently, build a stature for everyone killed that night! Write their names in bold letters… let us forever remember our heroes who died for a better Nigeria. we will never forget #20:10:2020 #SARMUSTENDNOW #EEndBadGoveranceInNigeria, she wrote


  1. That’s Good advise… The is not even going to government pocket other than useless politicians pockets…

  2. The money generated from that toll gate is not going to the pocket oF the FG than some politicians pockets… It will be good to build a statue to remember the falling hero during the protests…

  3. It shouldn’t be in lekki, there a heroes of Nigeria not Lagos State, there name should be written in front of Aso ruck, not only in lekki, it may also be written in lekki as well, because the are Nigeria heroes.

  4. Instead of asking federal government to compensate those falling heroes family you are advising them to pull down the toll gate and build statues, how many statues are they going to build?

  5. Why don’t you advise your own state to do the same, your intension is to destroy Yoruba land and I hope Almighty God won’t grant you the power.

  6. Every lives matter and we should also avoid loosing more lives to this issue of protesting, some have lost everything they ever worked for in their life, then where are we going to? We shouldn’t allow this protest to cause more harm on us.

  7. Instead Of Asking Federal Government To Compensate Those Falling Heroes Family You Are Advising Them To Pull Down The Toll Gate And Build Statues, How Many Statues Are They Going To Build?

  8. Why Don’t You Advise Your Own State To Do The Same, Your Intension Is To Destroy Yoruba Land And I Hope Almighty God Won’t Grant You The Power.

  9. How many have you built in your State? Enemies of Lagos state, they are just there to destroy the state and Yoruba youths jumped up and followed them and none of their own state properties were burnt. fools

  10. Bring down Lekki toll gate!!! Why???? This is part of Lagos State Revenue generating site. How can some sit in Cross River and be dictating what should be done in Lagos.. Bad bele

  11. I totally agree with you because these guys are freedom fighters and must be remembered in fact, that day should be declared a public holiday till infinity because they sacrificed their lives for us all Nigerians.

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