Senator’s aides conveyed thugs in SUVs to attack #EndSARS protesters —Ex-DSS director, Dennis Amachree

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A former Assistant Director with the Department of State Services, Dennis Amachree has opened up on the identity of the men in suit who were seen in a viral video days ago conveying armed hoodlums in an SUV and showing them #EndSARS protesters to attack in Abuja. 

In an interview on Channels Television’s ‘Sunrise Daily’ programmen, Amachree revealed that the men are not DSS officials but aides to a Nigerian senator. He added that the Nigerian army should be able to fish out those behind the Lekki toll gate shooting, just like the DSS has done in the last few days. 

The former DSS Assistant Director said; 

“I called the headquarters to find out. Those people were working for a particular senator. And if that is the case, I think they should (arrest them). If anybody tries to impersonate security personnel, he should be arrested immediately.

“Don’t allow it to happen and then you go ahead and then do inquiries or panels or whatever. I know a lot of people impersonating SSS, taking letters to different places have been arrested and they have been dealt with immediately. Those people you are referring to were not SSS officials.”


  1. They are trying to rope DSS, Nigeria aremy should responsible for the lekki toll gate, we’re Nigeria army killing the protesters. Anybody can wear suit in any places, so seen someone wearing suit thus not mean the person is DSS, is just a rope.

  2. We have been saying it that everything was peaceful right from the beginning before it was hijacked by hoodlums, the security agencies should look for them and dealt with them seriously including their sponsorer.

  3. I think what to those protesters are the handiwork of those politicians and this is not their first time of doing it. If none is being punished for it, it will continue happened.

  4. Nigeria is a lawless country because those politicians know that they are the one in power and they can do without nobody asked them why did you do it? They should go after them and arrest them and deal with them mercilessly.

  5. We Have Been Saying It That Everything Was Peaceful Right From The Beginning Before It Was Hijacked By Hoodlums, The Security Agencies Should Look For Them And Dealt With Them Seriously Including Their Sponsorer.

  6. I Think What To Those Protesters Are The Handiwork Of Those Politicians And This Is Not Their First Time Of Doing It. If None Is Being Punished For It, It Will Continue Happened.

  7. They Are Trying To Rope DSS, Nigeria Aremy Should Responsible For The Lekki Toll Gate, We’re Nigeria Army Killing The Protesters. Anybody Can Wear Suit In Any Places, So Seen Someone Wearing Suit Thus Not Mean The Person Is DSS, Is Just A Rope.

  8. Government should do something about the hijackers of every meaningful things not only protest because if not they won’t desist from their bad attitude and it will continue having negative impact on the land.

  9. Pls give us the name of the senator sir. Always in a bid to play smart and exonerate yourselves, you will still shoot urself in the leg. Sometimes it is better to just stay mute… This is 21st century, brains are very sensitive. Pls tell us his name sir. God bless you.

  10. yes we need such people like u, u must be an intelligent man, not every thing that u must use power to archived, youth is our future generation, u can never block them, look out what is happening in Maiduguri, lack of wisdom, who is boko aram to challenge Nigeria army, but because we Don’t like truth,

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