The mother of all protests might spring up any moment – Bamgbose

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National Coordinator, Concerned Advocates for Good Governance, CAGG, Olusegun Bamgbose has warned President Muhammadu Buhari of an impending “mother of all protests” that might spring up any moment.

In a statement he made, he wondered why President Buhari should always be put under pressure to address the nation in trying times like this as he is supposed to respond to critical issues, timely and promptly, than wait for Nigerians to plead, persuade and urge him to do so.

“This address should have come earlier than now, and lives lost would not have happened. Government should be more responsive, that’s what makes it responsible, he said

“One particular thing I’m holding in his statement is ‘your voice has been heard, loud and clear’ let’s hope in the coming weeks, things will evolve to show that the protesters’ message has been truly heard.

“However, it’s pertinent to warn Buhari ahead of another protest which might spring up any moment from now. It’s no longer funny that our university students are still at home doing nothing.

“I’ve reasons to believe that the students are warming up to organize mother of all protests if Buhari fails to accede to the demands of ASUU.

“Buhari should not wait for the protest to break out before granting the requests of the lecturers. The best time is now. One would expect this government to be proactive.

“They should be responsive to the needs of the citizens. Delay is always dangerous. Prevention is better than cure. The students will certainly protest soon, if nothing reasonable is done to get them back to the lecture room. A stitch in time saves nine. To before warned is to before harmed, he added.


  1. We are tired of buhari’s way of handling critical issues in this country, he has to always wait for a script to be written before he can come out to speak on serious issues.. Am disappointed. I pray things doesn’t go bad

  2. I don’t the reason why president buhari will be put under pressure before he could speak with his citizens, things will be getting out of hand if care is not taking.

  3. The president of the nation won’t want to speak to his followers when the needy arise this is very bad attitude. How would he respond to critical issues when he supported himself with dullard?

  4. Make hay while the sun shine. Nigeria president is not proactive not to talk about active, before any issues come up you need to have an idea even if you don’t have ideas at that moment in the next couple of days, you must come up with reasonable ideas but for our president nothing nothing.

  5. The man is so stupid, he late before addressing the nation, if he did it earlier….the people that lost there life across the country may not happen, President muhammadu buhari is ashamed of Nigeria, Nigeria has never produced useless President like this in the Nigeria history.

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