The use of deadly force against citizens only aggravates tense situation, no nation wins against its people – Jonathan

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Former President Goodluck Jonathan has sued for peace across the country while condemning the killing of #EndSARS protesters. 

In a statement titled: ‘A call for Peace’ Jonathan stated that no nation can win against its people. He also averred that the use of deadly force against citizens only aggravates tense situation. 

The former President said; 

“My heart goes out to the families of young Nigerians who have lost their lives in the past days as a result of #EndSARS protests. May God grant them the fortitude they need at this difficult time. It has been a difficult time to me as well. ‘’Nation-building is a collective task that involves the genuine efforts of all patriotic citizens; old or young.   Our country cannot afford to lose the lives of our youth who we look up to take over leadership and continue our nation’s journey to greatness.

‘’As leaders, we must understand that a nation can never win a battle against its own people.   Thus, the use of deadly force against citizens only aggravates tense situations rather than assuage it. We must therefore move away from battlegrounds to middle grounds in our individual and national life. This, I believe, epitomises the essence of democracy.

‘’I condemn any unnecessary loss of life and urge efforts to be stepped up to ensure that there is no such recurrence. We all must accept that we are all brothers and sisters of one Nigeria, and always act towards each other accordingly.  I urge protesters to do so with caution.”


  1. Thank you Mr formal President good-luck ebele Jonathan, we miss you a lot, we regret of voting you out in this country, but it will never happen again, the bad President like muhammadu buhari will never come across out country again, President muhammadu buhari he is ashamed of our country.

    1. That’s true leader, how do you expect to win a war against your own people, if matter like this arise you need settle it with dialogue and different forms of communication not by using power on them.

  2. When we aren’t in military era, this very bad. The president has not even make any use any means of communication before resulting in using force the how do you expect people to just succumb to intimidation and harassment and the use of force. It’s not possible.

  3. We are not in the Battle ground where you will use of amunitions to fight your enemies, you now turn your citizens to your enemy. Look at what happened at the lekki toll gate and army spoke’s person telling us that it’s Photoshop, look at that statement. Do the government sue for peace?

  4. Tell them if they will hear
    See where we have found ourselves in today
    It is a pity
    When will Nigeria get good leaders

  5. my role model may you remain bless sir you are a man of integrity good things would never depart from your family. thank GOD i didn’t voted for this blood sucking demons called a,p,c if not my conscience would have been beaten me

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