“Those who brought Buhari in 2015 should beg God for Forgiveness” – Nigerian Pastor

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Senior pastor of Awaiting The Second Coming Of Christ Ministry, Adewale Giwa, has reacted to the President’s live broadcast last night. Giwa in a statement on Friday said he doubts everything about the president which includes his citizenship.

Angered by the speech that has received a wide range of criticism, he said the President failed to touch pressing issues, such as the shooting and killing of Nigerian youths at the Lekki area of Lagos State by soldiers.

He further added that Buhari has brought nothing but pain and suffering to the people, citing the high costs of food items and petroleum products.

“It’s now obvious that President Muhammadu Buhari is not a citizen of Nigeria,” he said.

“I urge those who brought Mr. Buhari in 2015 to beg God for forgiveness. The president and his deputy are bad products and history will judge them, thereafter.

“President Buhari didn’t speak like an elder, but rather, he decides to add insult to injury. At this juncture, Nigerians should forget that they have a president.

“I doubt president Buhari’s citizenship, I also doubt everything concerning the president. Of course I surely know that there will be light at the end of the tunnel, we can’t continue this way.

“One expects that the president would show remorse; what stops Buhari to do what Nigerians are yearning for? Buhari doesn’t want the progress of Nigeria, he doesn’t embrace peace but crisis.

“Before you came to power, a bad of rice was sold for N7,500, now, it’s been sold between 35,000 and N42,000.

“How much was a litre of petroleum before you took over? As soon as you became the president, you jacked up the prices of goods.
“Nigerians now find it difficult to eat three times a day. I am bold to say that President Buhari and his vice are bad products,” he added.


  1. Forgiveness is not something we do for other people. We do it for ourselves to get well and move on, God should just him because he not really buhari

  2. There are few things in life that cannot be resolved with kindness. Forgive the one that hurts you and you will find forgiveness back in some way or the other

  3. It’s not like that, this man came with so much promises of how he will make things better. He only succeeded in playing us 419 nothing more. He is the one to ask for forgiveness from God

  4. Good cuz, they are the cause of all our predicament… We thought he our Messiah not knowing that he was the devil… May God Almighty save us from them all

  5. Because they are the problems of this country from the start… We thought he was the God sent but not knowing that he his the devil himself… Useless presido and politicians…..

    1. I use this medium opportunity to seek for forgiveness from God and all Nigerians entirely. We made a great mistake, but still is not our fault, is just that President muhammadu buhari shows his stupidity. Please forgive me Nigeria.

  6. We didn’t offend anyone, then would they asked for forgiveness. Right to vote is one of the right we have in the country and we can vote for any candidate of our choice. Therefore, there is no sin in voting for Buhari as a president.

  7. Exercise our constitutinal right has now turn to sin, you may disagree so that’s not new, the person you trust most can disappoint you. Let’s forget previous and move on.

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