Lagos Government to support business owners whose stores were vandalised

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The Lagos state government has showed willingness to assist those whose stores were vandalised by hoodlums during the crisis that erupted the state on Tuesday, October 20.

In a tweet shared by the deputy Governor of Lagos state, Obafemi Hamzat he shared a link to a form that the store owners are expected to fill.

“If you are a Lagos based business and your store got looted/vandalized this week, please fill this form by @LSETF Let’s do what we can to support you,” he tweeted

Lagos Government to support business owners whose stores were vandalised 4


  1. Life is so much better when you stop caring about what everyone thinks, and start to actually live for yourself.very nice opinion.

  2. Yes, we need action not promise upon promise and this matter should be treated as Matter of emergency. That’s good governance that we are yearning for. Thanks.

  3. Kudos to the Lagos State government for taking this step. If and only if you use to respond to our plight with immediate effect things would have been better before now but always noted without taking any steps.

  4. All of you politicians have failed the country and we are fed up with you
    See what your bad leadership has caused to the general public

  5. Nigerian government should emulate this including federal government and moreso, they shouldn’t wait until everything got spoilt before taking necessary steps.

  6. good one if the state can do it because is not just to say it nd pls make it clear to the business men that it has terms nd condition so that they will know because I know that the Lagos state government will not do it free

  7. Lagos State is deferent from any other state in this country, is even earlier to release such statement, but according to the statement coming out from hamzat mouth…if it’s true…that means is absolutely nice.

  8. Mr. Deputy Governor are you announcing it for us to praise you people or what? That what is expected
    from you people because had it been that the government
    Did something urgently when the youths were begging them the matter wouldn’t have gotten to this extent.

  9. That is good news…. Keep it up but we won’t be decieved because you are the ones that push the youth into such acts because of your bad governance

  10. The shooting has cause more harm to the state government and people of Lagos state, it will take a very long time for people to recover from all the pain as a results of military rascality.

  11. Lagos State citizen we be the one to surfer this, because they will use the mediums opportunity so sign out huge money. Don’t just give anything to TVC station.

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