Seven arrested for invading Senator Teslim Folarin’s home where brand new motorcycles were stolen

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Seven people have been arrested in connection with the invasion of Senator Teslim Folarin’s home in Oluyole area of Ibadan, Oyo state’s capital. 

It was reported earlier that some hoodlums invaded the Senator’s home and carted away brand new motorcycles. 

Serving an update, the lawmaker’s elder brother Yinka Folarin told newsmen that the suspects were arrested at the residence of the lawmaker by the Oyo State joint security task force ‘Operation Burst’.

He further revealed that the looted items were meant for the 11 local government areas constituting Oyo Central Senatorial District.


  1. In every circle of friends there’s always that one person everyone secretly Don’t have one? Then probably go to face the law

  2. That is a job well done, if they can use these people as a scape goat, people will desist from stolen or vandalizing another person’s property or what does not belong to them.

  3. Is brand new motorcycle is part of palliative being giving by the federal government? If you want to fight for living new life, it is not like the way to take it, you should do it without taking what does not belong to you.

  4. I don’t know how would they do it without going to jail? Because if we look at what they vandalized it’s beyond explanation. How would you go to another person’s compound and vandalize their property, that is very bad.

  5. Then what are the motorcycles still doing in your compound since its meant for 11Local Government
    Area Senatorial district. Why didn’t you share it when it arrived or did the looters came the same day the motorcycles arrived?

  6. I know youths are angry with our politicians, but please not this level of stealing even though I know they are thiefs too

  7. Is Brand New Motorcycle Is Part Of Palliative Being Giving By The Federal Government? If You Want To Fight For Living New Life, It Is Not Like The Way To Take It, You Should Do It Without Taking What Does Not Belong To You.

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