All hoodlums taking advantage of this season will not go unpunished – Oyedepo

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General Overseer of Living Faith Church Worldwide, David Oyedepo has prophesied that hoodlums who took advantage of the End SARS protest to loot and destroy properties shall not go unpunished

Oyedepo said this while reacting to the invasion of the End SARS protest by hoodlums destroying and carting away with people’s properties in different parts of the country.

The cleric who declared that unrest was over in Nigeria and that the peace of God has been restored in the land said the sources of the agitation will be dealt with.

“The sources of agitation will be wisely dealt with and favourably dealt with; the land shall rest again in the name of Jesus Christ, he said

“All the hoodlums who are taking advantage of this season, let hands be joined in hand, the wicked shall not go unpunished.

“Innocent people on the streets going about their own cause and businesses, they were in their shops, the only business they have CAUTION! You don’t have a double life.

”You have only one, you don’t have a spare. Caution! I bind all activities of the devil behind every form of unrest being inflicted by hoodlums in the name of Jesus,” he added.


  1. I don’t like putting my mouth in anything that concerns men of God, but for this one I must talk.
    You used poor peoples money in your church to build schools, buy private jet. Is any of the poor peoples child or children attending the school you built with their money? If you don’t know that is the highest looting that you have done.

  2. Those who destroy the activities of those that are having peaceful protest won’t go unpunished by the name of Almighty God.

  3. Those who inflicted pain on other fellow human being will surely experience the same because I’m wondering how would someone will just do away with another person’s properties without the feeling of mercy in their hearts? God will punish Them.

  4. Their evil will surely follow them back, Because they already turned joyful home to sadness one, unless they return the looted properties.

  5. The shall not go unpunished, because what they did is very bad indeed…how can they be using the advantages of the protesters….they must be punished.

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