Lekki shooting: Only after Buhari leaves office will the truth be revealed – FFK

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Former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, has shared that only when President Buhari leaves office will the truth about the Lekki tollgate shooting be revealed.

In a tweet shared via his Twitter handle, FFK while reacting to the Minister of Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola, discovering a secret camera at the Lekki tollgate noted that if the camera was planted by the Government what they want to reveal to the citizens will be revealed but if the camera was not planted & provides evidence of genocide it will be doctored or destroyed.

See his tweet below:

”Why would a Minister remove a camera from the crime scene of the biggest mass murder in our history? If the camera was planted by Govt. they will show us what they want us to see. If the camera was not planted &provides evidence of genocide it will be doctored or destroyed.

“The deep state is at work here but we cannot be fooled. It is only after PMB leaves office that the truth about what happened at the Lekki Toll gate will be exposed.After that he &all those that were involved will be bundled to the ICC at the Hague for crimes against humanity.

“You can play Sherlock Holmes and Jack Baur today but tomorrow you will smell the shit! Every single one of you that had a hand in that heinous crime will suffer the consequences and be brought to justice.”


  1. What truth are you talking about FFK
    Hope its not what am thinking because if its so hmmmm
    I wonder how Nigeria will be when the truth will be told. So what am trying to say is that let that truth die with you people, because some truth are better not told.

  2. That’s truth of it, if they don’t want you to know anything about the incident the camera will be doctored but if their intentions is to reveal what happened at that night Nigerians will surely know.

  3. Can they (government) reveal the truth behind this incident of massacred people? I don’t think so, because they know that they will be tried at the ICC. Therefore, they won’t reveal the truth.

  4. When our leaders are full of lies what do you expect from their followers, most of them don’t have the fair of God including you FFK, all of you are bird of a feather. It’s only God can choose leader for us because we have already tried our best on this president buhari but to no avail.

  5. Amen, they shall face the consequences, Minister babatunde Raji fashola detected secret camera in lekku toll gate and remove it…for waiting…. that means they must be hiding something different. If we didn’t see you government leads by president Muhammadu buhari, God his seeing you clearly, and if you think we citizen can not do you anything because you have power… God the most powerful we destroy you all together with your children.

  6. That’s how it normally happened in Nigeria…untill President muhammadu buhari leave power before the secret of lekki toll gate killing expose, and anybody responsible for this we never be forgiven.

  7. It’s seems that there is a lot of childishness in most youths, who have lost their home training and our cultural way of respecting our elders. That the elders are wrong in their handling of our states and national affairs requires maturity of mind and sense of reasoning and not insults , especially to those who before the youths protest were isolated wailers.
    The youths must as a priority exhibit those manners that differentiates them and the elders. No man is a good or bad man or woman. The one that is good to you is a devil to another and vice versa. We are individually teachers and students to each other. The true winners of the youths protest are the youths themselves, and their ability to make use of the time now in their favor … stories of the Lekki Toll Gate 2020 shall be meaningless.

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