Palliatives in warehouses confirms Buhari is not the problem – Zahra Buhari-Indimi

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Zahra Buhari-Indimi, Daughter of president Muhammadu Buhari has said the discovery of palliatives in different warehouses across the country is enough proof that her father is not the problem of Nigeria.

There have been several videos circulating online of warehouses being looted of palliatives in different parts of the country.

Some of these items were also discovered in the houses of some politicians, enraging many who believed it is wickedness that the relief items were hoarded while the masses perished.

What began with one discovery in Lagos rapidly spread to other places and as of the evening on Sunday about 10 states had recorded cases of a similar raid and plunder.

Reacting to this in a post on her Instagram page, Zahra wrote;

“Now that people confirmed that Buhari distributed enough palliatives nationwide, it is clear Buhari is not our problem.”


  1. Your father remains the problem my dear, he has allowed corrupt people around him, OK what has he done since this things where discovered?

  2. I think this girl is madin, how thus this concern Zahara, your father is not a good leader, what are you saying. Palliative is totally different from what we are passing through in the country right now.

  3. You must be mad, what’s even happening in this country now…abg waiting concern this useless girl with Nigeria problem, are you trying to defend your father? Are talking about palliative here? Name palliative Nigeria won chop? It left for the governor’s if they like they should hide what is left the citizen this has already shows this how we be doing to them. President muhammadu buhari economy, security, and other is not standard. President muhammadu buhari is not feet for our country.

  4. You are not serious for that statement, what do you host in this country, if not your useless Father that we call our president, please who to be blamed, you should know your father he is not something but useless.

  5. President buhari is sluggish in tackling the Nigeria issues, it may not be the problem but also contribute to it, why can’t he command them and do the needful.

  6. Everyone of them contributed to the issues on ground, the palliative has been given to them during the lock down but they refuse to distribute them to masses and he can’t compel them to do so then whose fault?

  7. How on Earth would governors have power than that of president and if care is not taking they won’t allow his to succeed in what he is doing. I implore him to take firm steps.

  8. Everyone in this country is a problem to the country. We’re the problem the country is facing. We are selfish and wicked.

  9. Like father like daughter
    If you must know the whole member of your family is the cause of the problem of this country.
    Since that your so called father entered that seat everything changed even the air we breath is against your family

  10. When the head is not working, how can the body work
    He is the president so all blames should be on him as simple as that

  11. If almost the state are doing the same thing,who do you think is giving them the idea or tell them what to do.if is not you wicked father.

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