Return looted Items in 72 hours – Oyetola warns

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Osun State Governor, Gboyega Oyetola, has issued a 72 hour ultimatum to those who looted government and private property.

According to the governor, failure to abide by the directive will lead to the prosecution of anyone arrested for the act.

Speaking with newsmen on Sunday during an assessment tour of some of the locations attacked, he warned the culprits to surrender all stolen items to the security agencies, traditional rulers, local government chairmen and community leaders close to them

He noted that defaulters would be tracked and brought to justice, while those who embraced it would be forgiven.

Oyetola also sympathised with victims of the lootings and promised them government’s support.

“What I witnessed here today is not a question of hoodlums, but armed robbers. They have removed all the machines here. It is very unfortunate. I can say categorically that End SARS protest is not what we are seeing here today. This is pure looting”, Oyetola fumed.


  1. Don’t worry they are on their way bringing it
    They will even buy more items join am for you, so now what you will do is to extend the warehouse more so that it will contain the things they will return for you.
    Bad and wicked Leaders.

  2. In your dream, …I think something day worry Gboyega oyetola, something that suppose to share for everyone in the state, that is the same foods you sites on it. Even give them 4years to return it… you will never see anybody.

  3. The hoodlums should return what they have stolen because stolen of another person’s property is totally wrong and unacceptable.

  4. It’s really disheartening to see people looting another person’s sweat, what people worked for for so many years were looted in one day by thugs, that is act of wickedness. They should return it.

  5. Up till now I have not understood the motive behind stolen of those property because of property is not part of the protest. If they don’t return it and they were caught they should be prosecuted.

  6. Or what?
    You guys are feeling crazy cause the masses took what belong to them ,when the politicians where looting the masses money nothing was being said.
    So let them let the masses be.

  7. Are this things yours, you have looted all this years no one has stopped you, the poor Masses has taken what belongs to them.

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