25 escaped prisoners return to Correctional Centre in Edo

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About 25 out of the 1900 inmates who escaped from the Sapele Road and Oko Correctional Centres in Benin City, Edo State have returned to prison.

This comes after the governor of Edo State, Godwin Obaseki issued an ultimatum for the escapees to return to the correctional centre or face the full wrath of the law.

According to an official of the Sapele Road Correctional Centre, he revealed that one of the escapees had been recaptured after he was shot in the leg last Wednesday.

It was further gathered that two out of the 25 inmates who returned were inmates at the Oko Medium Correctional Centre along Airport Road, Benin.

He Said;

“The Department of State Security, the police and officials of the Nigerian Correctional Services will soon commence a manhunt for the runaway inmates immediately after a seven-day grace the state government gave them has elapsed.

“We have a way of arresting runway prisoners. We will swing into action once the protest calms down nationwide. The earlier they return on their own, the better for them.

“Those who are rearrested will be retried and sentenced to extra seven years if convicted. So, it is in their own interest to return as the governor has given them extra one week of grace to do so.”


  1. The government that told them to run away went and brought them back
    They should stop deceiving us
    We are not kids

  2. For were….. Is better you just forget them, and do another one..out of that 1900 inment, if you see 500 out of them definitely you try….but is not even sure.

  3. The 25 people that return to correctional centre in Edo State are so useless which I can name them “we’re(mad people) Edo State is decieving them… How they return? Well I can’t blame them ..the may not have somewhere to go.

  4. That’s good of them, they really show the sign of sobering in what they exhibit now, government should do something about them and look at what they could do for them.

  5. In fact, they should be commendable for this attitude they carried out, in fact that’s enough for them to be pardoned.

  6. That’s means they are ready to change completely if given the chance but government won’t look at that. They even deserve to be given awards for that.

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