#EndSARS Protests Politically motivated – Yahaya Bello

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Governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello has expressed that the nationwide #EndSARS protests across the country were politically motivated.

Speaking when he featured on Sunrise Daily, a Channels Television programme, on Tuesday, Bello said the protest was sponsored by politicians who are benefitting from the disruptions caused by the demonstrations across the country.

According to the Governor, Nigerians do not need a soothsayer to tell them that the protests had a political undertone even after the government agreed to the demands of the agitators.

“Dear Nigerians, let me tell you, what is happening today, this so-called #EndSARS is politically motivated,” he said.

“Whether anybody says it or not, I am saying it once again and you can quote me anywhere, anyday and I will prove it to you. Why will you demand five items granted and you refuse to take it.. which struggle, agitation or uprising across the world has ever succeeded without leadership?.

“100 per cent, I agree (with the agitations of the protesters) but if you look at what is happening today, you will have no option than to classify it as politically motivated”.

According to him, it is a “ploy to set we the youths of this country against one another.”


  1. Anything you like term it all we know is that SARS must be banned and by Gods grace we achieved our aim and had it been you people heed to our cry it wouldn’t
    have gotten to killing of innocent protesters

  2. He doesn’t know what he was saying, he couldn’t backup his claim with any fact, giving different answers from the question he was asked. He was just blabbing, he is not an intelligent one, among the opportunists.

  3. Whether the protest is sponsor by politicians or not the truth is that all of you the governors are not working at all, to say the fact because if you people do what you ought to do you wouldn’t have had problems.

  4. What have you done to your state in order to alleviate poverty in your state, if you have done bit but Not enough. You better tight up and do the needful.

  5. Many of you don’t have the mercy of the citizens in your hearts because if you do things would have change better but unfortunately you people are selfishness and corruptible elements.

  6. Go and tell that to the woods you foolish governor
    You don’t want people to talk upon how stupidly you politicians are ruling this place

  7. For your information, Politicians did not sponsor the EndSars Nation wide Protest, Because We the Youths are even against some of the Politicians and even against the President of Nigeria. So get that straight into your head.

  8. You are saying nonsense, how thus protest concern politicians? We are Nigeria and we protest to requested what we want in the country without any political witnesses. … So this is not what you are saying.

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