Nigerians fault woman who claimed her Son died during the Lekki shooting

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Some Nigerians have reacted to claims of a lady who said she lost her son, Anthony during the shootout at Lekki toll gate.

Though the woman’s identity is yet to be uncovered after a viral video she shared, it was however gathered that she said her son’s corpse was recovered by his friends. She further stated that she is yet to be visited by government officials

Faulting the lady’s claim, a Facebook user identified as Pretty Loveth alleged that Anthony died after he and his friends bumped into a trailer on their way home.

She wrote

“He didn’t die at Lekki tollgate, him (he) and his two friends bumped into a trailer on their way home at Petrocam Filling Station, close to Lagos Business School, Ajah. RIP Tony, we all miss you brother.”

A Twitter user Ijaw Philosopher also wrote;

“Tony Umeh was among the three people that had an accident on their way back from the protest before the toll gate incident, so why is this London woman alleged to be his mother claiming he was killed by the military? I felt something was off about her and you guys rained insults”


  1. Definitely she lied, why? Your son is not part of the people lost there life during lekki toll gate haterck. Hold the woman Tite she is a lier.

  2. Lagos State suppose to charge this woman to court, because she has already lie to people, she has already said it of recent that her son is part of lekki toll gate killing in Lagos State during nation protest, now she’s changing her words that boy was Dead by trailer when coming home. She need court charges I swear

  3. Whether killed by the soldier or had an accident during protest, they should try to something about it because if things are going well, nobody will complain or protest.

  4. Lives is much more important, all the leaders shouldn’t have allowed anything to warrant the death of their citizens no matter the case may be.

  5. Every souls is important and no life suppose to be loss in one way or the order. We ought to have really sympathize with her for the loss of her son.

  6. Don’t worry ! My sister the blood of your son and others will fight this evil government more than anything I promise you WATCH and SEE! No rest of mind for them, even when you see them smiling not inside, inside is hot and terrible fire with a lot of confusion e.g. can you tell me that Osinbajo is truly happy? Capital NO

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