“We intentionally gave Covid-19 Palliatives to ‘hungry Youths’ – Gov Abiodun denies hoarding palliatives

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Governor of Ogun State, Dayo Abiodun has said his government deliberately gave out COVID-19 relief packages to some Sagamu youths, who he said they were angry as a result of hunger.

He said this reacting to videos circulating on the social media wherein it was seen that some suspected COVID-19 palliatives warehouses were looted in Sagamu, Ifo and Ijebu-Ode.

Speaking at a press conference in Okemosan, Abeokuta this yesterday evening, Abiodun said he was not aware of any looting as “none of our COVID-19 warehouses were looted.”

According to him, “We intentionally decided that as part of our continuous engagement with our youths across the state, in Sagamu local government, we made available some palliatives for the youth, knowing fully well that a lot has been happening across the rest of the country. We appreciate the fact that these are very difficult and trying times.

“There’s a lot of anger derived from hunger and the pandemic has not helped them. It is time we all appreciate that things are a bit tough,” Abiodun stated.

The Ogun Governor denied stockpiling the COVID-19 palliatives, saying the story was a narrative by a few to malign and paint Governors of different states bad.


  1. Doing the right thing at the right time is the best option for our leaders, may Almighty God continue to strengthen your efforts.

  2. Our leaders are very wicked people and must surely pay for their crimes against humanity
    They can never escape punishment from God

  3. If not they are wicked, why would they hoard the food that belongs to people, it’s only God that can help us in this nation.

  4. Dapo you did not share anything to your people in the state…even your people claim it that non of the palliative was share in the state, what are you now defending…all this is not good enough… you will account to god one day.

  5. Government should learn how have mercy of the citizens of the country because hoarding anything that meant for people of the citizens, it’s unfair.

    This man you can lie for Ogun State people o. Ok since you claimed that you intentionally gave out the palliative to the hungry youth, now my question is were you the one that gave them key to the warehouse. The answer is NO, but rather the warehouse was broken.
    Lie Lie Governor.

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