#EndSARS protest holds in Helsinki (Photos)

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Though the End SARS protests have come to a halt in Nigeria due to the curfew and violence that have ensued in the past few days as hoodlums have hijacked the protests. Nigerians in other countries however are still organizing End SARS protests.

Over the past few days, Nigerians in the diaspora and foreigners have taken to the streets to continue the protests. There have been protests in India, Germany, Hungary, and Helsinki, Finland’s Capital among others.

#EndSARS protest holds in Helsinki (Photos) 12

#EndSARS protest holds in Helsinki (Photos) 13

#EndSARS protest holds in Helsinki (Photos) 14

#EndSARS protest holds in Helsinki (Photos) 15

#EndSARS protest holds in Helsinki (Photos) 16


  1. Excellence is not an act but a habit. The things you do the most are the things you will do best and ensure their will be better change in land

  2. Let the world knows what we are going through is this country is hell and they should learn how to solve the problems before traveling abroad.

  3. The peaceful protest is good enough but not the way Nigeria took it. They didn’t fix Nigeria’s problem but traveling abroad to seek solution without fixing it.

  4. This is good to know
    As far as it is peaceful, we thank them for their concern about the nonsense happening in Nigeria

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