FG to construct 10 new airports across the country – Hadi Sirika reveals

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Minister of Aviation, Hadi Sirika has announced that the federal government will be constructing 10 new airports across the country.

Speaking before the Senate Committee on Aviation to defend his Ministry’s 2021 budget proposals, Sirika revealed that the new airports will be constructed in Anambra, Benue, Ekiti, Nasarawa, Ebonyi and Gombe states, he further stated that the federal government has taken over Kebbi, Osubi, and Dutse airports for redevelopment

“Consequent upon that roadmap, we have seen aviation grow in 2018 to become the second-fastest-growing sector of the economy. Also and by 2019, it became the fastest-growing sector of the economy and increased its GDP contribution.

“From 2015 till now, we’ve seen a lot of growth in civil aviation, the number of airports is increasing. So far, about seven airports have been added to the map, some of them completed, some of them under construction.

“There are airports coming up in Benue, Ebonyi, Ekiti, Lafia, Damaturu, Anambra and so on. All these show that civil aviation is growing during this administration.

“So, we have about 10 new airports coming up, that is almost half the number of airports we used to have in Nigeria. We are adding 50 per cent of the number of airports.”

“We are on it. The transaction adviser has brought in the outline business case. It is being reviewed by Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission, Soon after it finishes, it will go to the Federal Executive Council and it will be approved. We will not leave this government without having it in place.

Justifying the need for another airport to be constructed in Lokoja, Kogi State as an alternate to the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja, Sirika said;

“Lokoja is an important northern town. It is a cosmopolitan town, it’s a mini Nigeria and it is extremely very important in growth and development of our country.

“We have a lot of agricultural activities there. There is fishery, there is perishable item production and so on. So, establishing an airport there is quite apt. For me, it is is something we should have done long ago for its importance.”


  1. It’s a welcome development if it will also develop the economy of the country and it will also serve as revenue to Nigeria it’s very good.

  2. Hope it won’t be the abandon project, they should always execute it without siphone the money. I don’t think Nigeria has money to execute such giant project now.

  3. It will be nice of them if they do
    I hope it is not a ploy to squander the public wealth and leave the projects abandoned

  4. i think this government is not sincere in working for the general populace but only for themselves. going by airports, it means our roads will never be given the needed attention because they won’t be using it, let alone to build the railway across the states of the federation.

  5. Misplace of priorities…. The ones we already have is still there why wasting money on new one when people are crying of poverty and hunger…

  6. Is this government not tired of white elephant projects. Misplaced priorities everyday. The existing airports are not up to globally acceptable standards and you want to build new ones…chai, who did this to you Nigeria.

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