Media house sanctions: Deji Adeyanju urges journalist to boycott Buhari’s events for two weeks

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Human rights activist, Deji Adeyanju has called on Nigeria union of journalist(NUJ) to boycott Buhari’s events for two weeks

This comes after the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) imposed fines worth millions on AIT, Channels and Arise TV over their coverage of the Lekki shooting and reactions as they were accused of playing a part in the escalation of the violence across Nigeria.

Condemning the sanction, Adeyanju of the Concerned Nigerians urged the NUJ to avoid federal government’s events for two weeks.

He wrote;

“I appeal to the NUJ to boycott all Federal Government events and activities in the country for 2weeks in protest against the NBC fine of AIT, ARISE and CHANNELS.

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“This should be the irreducible minimum. Don’t be vocal only against FFK and scarred of Buhari. #EndSARS.”


  1. But should they fine AIT, Channels TV and Arise TV or
    did these mentioned TV channels carried fake news? It was what happened at the Lekki Toll gate that they covered nah This our country sef nawa oh.

  2. This is a nice call since the government now wants to silence journalism and passage of information
    The news agencies should find their own ways of dealing with this bad wicked government

  3. If the journalist can do that I hope it will teach them a lesson because I don’t see any reason why they would sanction the news stations for carrying out their legitimate duty.

  4. The government doesn’t even want us to express our grievances anymore with this fine impose on them, this is unfair treatment given by Nigeria government.

  5. The government should look for a way to make things easy for the masses instead of complicating the issues. They shouldn’t have done that it’s unfair.

  6. I love the statement…that’s how it should be, because I don’t see any reason why they will sanction the channel tv, arise and ait. For just because of video covered. #EndBadgovernment

  7. is very shameful to hear such from them so I ask what is really happening in this country because I don’t see any reason y such a thing should be happening

  8. There’s a problem, and it’s so sad. When the pple you are fighting for are the one antagonizing you. We shld seek to understand issues b4 commenting so that we don’t look stupid when we now get to realise the true position. Quality education will not allow you speak carelessly.

  9. I THINK ASKING JOURNALIST’S TO BOYCOTT ALL FEDERAL GOVERNMENT EVENTS, That’s irresponsible advice, and is on call for, I think who gives the advice can’t be a good leader, because there’s so many things that attached to or across the leadership position, stupid claim,

  10. This is absurd…. He is just trying to suppress the media and hinder our freedom of information and expressions….

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