#EndSARS: Lagos Police makes demands from Sanwo-Olu

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The Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Hakeem Odumosu on Wednesday made at least 7 demands from the Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu when he visited the police headquarters in Ikeja.

Following his remarks, Odumosu made his demands in favour of the Family of the deceased policemen who lost their lives during the EndSARS protests and the police force as a whole.

This was revealed by the Governor’s media aide, Jubril Gawat, via his Twitter account.

“Governor @jidesanwoolu answering requests from the CP Hakeem Odumosu:

“1: The State Govt should foot bills of all police officers that sustained injuries. Mr Governor says: “Consider it Done” immediately.

“Request 2: That the State Government should consider payment of compensation to the Family of the deceased policemen. Governor @jidesanwoolu says the State Govt will compensate the family of the deceased officers during this period.

“Request 3: That the State Govt should take over the burial arrangements of deceased police officers. Governor @jidesanwoolu says the State Govt will take over the burial arrangements of deceased officers during this period.

“Request 4: That the State Govt should give scholarship to the children of Police deceased Officers. Governor @jidesanwoolu instructed the SA Education to attend to it immediately through the State Scholarship Board.

“Request 5: The Police Stations that have been burnt down. Governor @jidesanwoolu says the State has bigger plans for that and the Police Stations would be rebuilt to proper standards, to something that the Police officers would be proud of.

“Request 6: That the State Govt should help continue the building of the L-Wing to a U-Wing at the Command HQ. Governor @jidesanwoolu says the construction works will begin before the end of the year once space is available.

“Request 7: The Upgrading of the Police Cottage Hospital. Governor @jidesanwoolu says he would direct the Commissioner for Health to come and look at the hospital and determine what kind of improvements the hospital needs.”


  1. If all of the listed 7demands will be done for Policemen that lost their lives, then what will be the fate of the innocent and harmless protesters that was killed by policemen before Federal Government now deploy Army to attack them (Protesters).

  2. Today, give a nigerians one of the reason to be nice It might be the only sunshine he sees all day from the police…..federal govrrnment should aprove it

  3. That’s good development for them because they lost their lives during working for their father land. But what will happen to those people that police killed during this period also? Would you you consider Same thing for them?

  4. Okay we have heard all the demands from the police commissioner but what we are not understanding is why they should kill innocent protesters and are making serious plans to deny it and all other atrocities they committed

  5. You should have tell them that in order to avoid this kind of situation police should also stop dehumanized Nigeria citizens, respect is reciprocal.

  6. The demand by you is normal, the government is not proactive that is why the issue is escalated beyond normal protest. Furthermore, They should also be active in responding to issues.

  7. That is good…. The police too will have learned there lessons that not that glitter is gold and will behave according as of now to avoids such again…

  8. Since that the Nigeria police has learn a lesson… governor babajide sanwo-olu should consider there demand needs. But the only thing is that…who suppose to responsible for the rebuilding the division? How thus that concern State government? My taught was federal government should take care of everything belong to federal level……well kudos to governor of Lagos State that accepts there request.

  9. With all these demands, I think the Nigeria police force Need to also go out to protest so all these can be put into consideration.

  10. let Lagos state governor replicates River state governor Wike to pay victims of police families N20m once that’s done forget scholarship or burial expenses promised, the children left behind would able to take care of themselves with the money, anything short of that, Lagos you are on your own ooo

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