I’m not in govt for fame or money but to serve – Obaseki

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Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki, has stated that he is in government to serve, not for fame or money. According to him politicians must begin to prioritise the vehicle of governance to benefit the people and must remain selfless for Nigeria to attain its full potential.

Speaking on Thursday with Government House reporters, Obaseki pointed out that there was need for a mechanism to be put in place to ensure transparency in government.

He said: “Only few persons in government are held accountable for their decisions in government. I am not in government to make money. I am not in government for fame. I am in government to serve. The youths are the reasons why I am in government. If I cannot serve you, I will quit.

“The issues of better government, proper governance and transparency are what we are emphasising. When we have younger people who can use technology in government, we will have transparency and accountability, which informed my decision to have many younger people working for my government.

“For things to be working in Nigeria, there are structural challenges that we must fix. Let us not gloss over the cracks. Let us go to the foundation and begin to fix the conditions, because the cracks are expanding so wide.”

Obaseki also stated that in a democracy, there was the need for an institution that would ensure law and order, thereby necessitating having security agencies.

He said: “Our security arrangements in the country must reflect our federal system. I cannot be a governor of a state and not able to hire and fire my commissioner of police, but #ENDSARS protests have helped us start the process.”


  1. It’s only governor of borno state (babagana zulum), that I could frankly said he is in government to serve his people not because of money or properties because from what he has been doing in his state without telling you, he is indeed a true leader

  2. Some of the governors are selfish and corruptible elements, they are there to serve people, they are in that position to serve their pocket instead of providing the dividend of democracy to the citizens they busy build mansion and buying houses in oversea, God will surely judge them according to their deeds.

  3. If many of you are there to serve people, you will always listen to the yearning and plight of the masses but the reverse is the case, during the campaign you will made some promises but when you eventually have the power every promises will change completely which is not suppose to be. You people should change before it’s late.

  4. Their is no politician who is in govt because they want fame or to be rich, that is what they always says. Political talk

  5. yes I support what u said but the issue here is that re u doing what u just said now not just come out nd say it when u know that u re not doing any of them

  6. Thank you Mr governor….I love your statements, how can you be a boss and you can not fire your workers. Governor obaseki is capable in everything and he is here to serve the state without a stress.

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