Social media was used to incite violence during #EndSARS protests- NSA Babagana Mongonu

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The National Security Adviser (NSA), Babagana Monguno, has said that social media was used to incite violence during the EndSARS protest and is still being used to incite violence across Nigeria.

Munguno said this at a workshop on the 2020 national cybersecurity strategy in Abuja today Wednesday, October 28.

Represented by Aliyu Mohammed in the office of the secretary to the government of the federation (SGF), Monguno said social media poses increasing challenges of cyber-terrorism. 

“We are witnesses to the use of social media to disseminate subversive content to incite violence and heightened tension, causing unrest and sparking widespread looting and destruction across the country.”

Speaking also at the forum, the Chief of Defence Staff, Abayomi Olonisakin, said cyber terrorism is the most unpredictable challenge Nigeria is currently battling with. Represented by Charles Oghonwen, an air vice-marshal from the defence headquarters, Olonisakin said

“Cyberspace has been the main warfare after the lands, sea, air and space has no boundary and hence does not obey conditional rules in warfare. It remains open to exploitation buy state actors, organised syndicates, sect, criminals and terrorists. Cyberterrorism has become the most precarious challenge facing us today as a nation.

The use of cyberspace to facilitate various terrorist activities, such as recruitment, training, propaganda, intelligence gathering and fundraising, cyber terrorism is now globally recognised as the fundamental threat to global security.”

Their comments come barely 24-hours after Lai Mohammed, Nigeria’s Minister of Information and Culture, called for the regulation of social media, saying that fake news poses a threat to Nigeria at the moment.


  1. That is not true… It was a source of information and also the protests was a peaceful one until you guys hijacked it via hoodlums and thugs

  2. If you people don’t know what to say please keep quit. Was it not the army that people that brought the violence? Prior to the shooting in lekki was there violence? Abeg sleep oga all of you are failures

  3. The most useless man kwara state has ever produce is who you called minister of information and culture…. idiot lai Muhammed…..he like lies, he was the one that make citizen hate the government…. because what he always said is false.

  4. If not because of social media…I swear Nigeria go don sell us.,. social media is the only way we have to leak out there secret..if not they go don sell me and you.

  5. All the atrocities you people have been doing since social media was not used abi?
    Now that the youths are exercising their rights as a citizen of the country you people are now using social media to hold hand.

  6. You are talking about cybercrime now but when you want to win your own election in 2015, you didn’t use any cyberspace at all you only campaign on the ground and win. You do the right thing before getting out of hand again.

  7. Cyberspace doesn’t escalate anything, the media only report what’s going on in the country if it’s left to your own radio we won’t have authentic news to be hearing.

  8. Social media doesn’t incite anything, there are several reports on the brutality of all these police officers and SARS but nothing is done. If you have been doing something about it before nobody will even protest but nothing is done.

  9. It baffles me when I start to hear this government talk about how the protest was able to be organized whether social media or this and that
    This should not be the matter but what should be their priority if they have sense is to look for ways to address the numerous issues the masses are complaining of….as simple as that

  10. It’s clear that he’s anti-technology person.

    They understand that social media is more than voice to us… It’s a power that connect us together and help out voices to be heard all over the world. This is exactly what he meant.

    One thing I know for sure is that… This generation has SORO SOKE already and will continue to do that with a united VOICE!

    We are the generation that Spoken Out!

    We are the generation that is fighting for our right and requesting from them what our parents couldn’t ask for.

    That’s why they see us as threat!

    End Bad Government

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