EndSARS: “We are all already cursed in Nigeria” – Aisha Yesufu says as fellow Muslims curse her

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Human Rights activist and Co-convener of the Bring Back Our Girls campaign BBOG, Aisha Yesufu has lamented that fellow Muslims rain curses on her in the mosque.

In a tweet shared via her twitter handle she said these resentments are due to her involvement in the widespread End SARS protests.

According to her, she didn’t receive such ill treatments when she made same demands during the era of former president Goodluck Jonathan.

She further concluded that Nigerians are all cursed.

“Heard I am being cursed in mosques! People finish praying and take time out to curse me in their prayers.

I have asked they should please let me know how many of these curses they rained on me when I was making the same demands during GEJ! We are all already cursed in Nigeria, she tweeted


  1. Always think thoughts that are productive and positive. For the Law of Attraction possesses your key to either endless misery and woe or to an abundance you never knew could be achievable.

  2. sister Aisha, is better to die for something than to live for nothing, and that is what the youth are standing for, be yourself for God you worship is with you.

  3. If they curse you, the justice that you stand for blesses you, injustice is darkness while justice is light everyone know that darkness cannot stand light anywhere in the world. So you are blessed beyond repair, whom God has bless no one can curse. Almighty God is a God of justice, if you stand for justice you stand with God. Ride on my sister

  4. Cursing is not the next step, why cursing her? Let everything be judge by Almighty Allah. No need of fighting for Almighty Allah.

  5. Though, many of us do not use to pray for our dear country anytime we wake up in the morning which is not suppose to be so but also cursing a fellow human being like you is uncalled for.

  6. Allah doesn’t support cursing of someone not to talk of inside mosque, this is bad attitude. We should learn how to correct someone without bullying the person

  7. Their curses have no meaning and will never be if any effect on you at all as far as you are saying the right and correct thing
    They are just wasting their time

  8. Who sanctions blesses and curses. Only God decides. You have done right, don’t bother about their curses. Its amounts to nothing, just be positive.

  9. The Lioness your voice to the Nigeria struggle must be heard and it will give a new narrative to our dear nation Nigeria…
    # WEMOVE

  10. God is not like human being…if you cause to person that deserve prayers… definitely the prayers shall be the person portion…. Our leader are the enemy we have.

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