Worst Policeman better than the best Criminal – Kwara Governor, Abdulrazaq

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Kwara State Governor, Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq says the worst policeman is better than the best criminal, he said this calling for the support of security operatives while receiving the three Senators representing Kwara state at the National Assembly who paid him a visit over the destruction of properties in the state, channels TV reports.

Abdulrazaq who stressed that the majority of the officers are patriots who are equally committed to a greater Nigeria, insisted that the events of the past few weeks especially the #EndSARS protest should not be framed in a way that might leave officers and men of the police demoralized or dejected.

The Kwara state Governor averred that demoralization of the security forces especially the police, might play into the hands of criminals who prefer anarchy to hurt their victims.


  1. Is there any difference between the police officers that are supplying weapons to the criminals or thiefs are they not criminal also.

  2. The worst police officers are almost the same with criminals, criminals can kill while also the the worst police officers are also killing. You should have encouraged them to be dedicated

  3. They should better discharge their duties diligently with respect to the humanity. They shouldn’t work against humanity.

  4. You might be right in a way Mr governor but we do not want any bad police officer in the force
    They should do their work professionally and accordingly
    This is just what the masses are asking of them..simple

  5. You people are just talking nonsense, worst criminal is better than a bad police man, because you can defend yourself from a criminal knowing he is. But a bad police officer is like a house hold enemy and house hold enemy is the worst thing you can ever think of

  6. In your own view….some police are the same criminal in this country. …..in Nigeria police is not deferent from criminal.

  7. Ur Excellency, I disagree with u on this
    All criminals are going to hell
    A worse police man is a criminal so they are the same

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