‘I hope some celebrities don’t betray us in next elections’ – Samklef

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Nigerian record music producer, Samklef has reacted to a list of celebrities who voted in change during the last elections.

The report which was made by The Punch listed all the celebrities who supported the current administration The report also says that the celebrities now regret their actions.

Taking to Twitter, Samklef wrote that he hopes some celebrities do not betray the people in exchange for money or positions.

His tweet reads:

“Celebs who regret supporting ‘change’. I hope next election some no go betray us. Cause Na some celebrities be beneficiaries for this matter. Money dey finish o! I hope some no go sing I believe come next election for some in 2023?”

‘I hope some celebrities don’t betray us in next elections’ – Samklef 4


  1. I don’t think they won’t do so because most of the celebrities are just looking for money, may Almighty God spare our lives beyond then.

  2. Pleased all we need now nigerian is change of bad government only change is hard because people overestimate the value of what they have and underestimate the value of what they may gain by giving that up….let rise up together and vote right one.

  3. Everybody will be fighting for will benefit him/herself, therefore, nobody should be trusted for anything. We should just focus our hope on Almighty God.

  4. NO be only celebrities make that mistake say they de vote for change
    Most of us been make that mistake
    We no go make that mistake again

  5. We pray they don’t.
    Bcos this country is not easy, before u know this politicians will start looking for dem n putting something in their pockets.

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