Protect yourselves against attacks- IGP tells police

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The Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, has advised police officers across the country to protect themselves against attacks.

Adamu, gave the advice when he visited the Federal Capital Territory Police Command, Abuja, today October 30.

The police chief said the officers must protect themselves because they are humans and also have rights. He condemned the #ENDSARS protest and said the demonstration was an attack targeted at the police to demoralise officers.

“The unity of this country lies in the support that is given to police officers because if you are demoralised, the tendency is for criminals to take over the public space and the country is relying on us to make sure that the public space is not taken over by the criminals. So no amount of provocation, no amount of insult would make us shy away from our responsibilities.

Inasmuch as we are aware that the government is behind us; so, we would encourage you to keep performing your duties. We would encourage you to be professional, to be civic, but if anybody touches you, if anybody comes to assault you, you can also protect yourself.

When we talk of human rights, the police are human; so, the rights of police officers would also be protected.” Adamu said


  1. You are not civiled with this your statement, how would you ask the police officer to protect themselves against any attack? what you said can lead to anything if care is not taking.

  2. If not for the protest hijacked by the hoodlums, I knew very well that nobody have the guts to face the police with any attacks. You need to orientate your men on to deal with unharmed citizens.

  3. It’s better for this IGP not to start another provocation that could lead to another protest because I don’t understand how you will be telling your men to do such thing, those people that you already know that they can go beyond where you asked them.

  4. Can the police fight all Nigeria youths it not possible,we were doing our peaceful protest till you guys started the fight.

  5. Mhhhh!!!! This advice is too bad and the IGP went too far
    You know how untrained your men are and you are still giving them the backing to commit more heinous crime against the citizens

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