We shouldn’t be raining curses on kids of politicians, it’s bad for their mental health – Simi advices

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Singer, Simi has opined that Nigerians should stop raining curses on kids of politicians no matter the agitations.

In a tweet shared via her Twitter handle, she advised that the goal is to be better than them adding that these insults will only be bad for their mental health.

She wrote,

”I feel like we really shouldn’t be raining curses on the children of these people. I understand the agitation and that most of them don’t care about us, but the goal is to be better than them and I can’t imagine it’s good for the mental health of them kids. We can rise above it.”


  1. What can you say about other children which they are not ready to give quality education rather than use them as hoodlums and thugs?

  2. Spoiling another people’s lives to build their own and you are expecting their children and great grand children to be better off. I don’t think it could be possible unless they repent.

  3. That is true but they should also warns there father’s about what they are doing that is very bad to change..

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