“Yorubas have poor personal hygiene” -Kemi Olunloyo shares

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Self acclaimed journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has taken a swipe at members of the Yoruba tribe with poor personal hygiene.

In a tweet shared via her Twitter handle, Kemi urged Yorubas to scrub their tongues when brushing their teeth. According to her, chewing a stick all morning does not give fresh breath.

“Yorubas!!! Pls pls pls. When you wake up, take toothpaste and a brush and clean your teeth then scrub your tongue with the back of the toothbrush or tongue scrubber. Personal hygiene is poor in my tribe. You can’t eat a stick all morning and expect fresh breath #kemitalks, she wrote


  1. That is sheet coming out from her, is she not one of those Yoruba’s that is dirt. She should also tell her family to do so.

  2. Charity begins at home, you should have said that to your household because I don’t know how you would be generalizing those naughty words.

  3. This is for those who have not been use to it, though, it’s sounds naughty but to generalizing it is nothing but nonsense.

  4. Is like, is been long she tweet and she don’t have any thing to tweet. With all d issues and happenings in the country, she couldn’t pick one all she is concern of is tooth brushing

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