‘I will love to see Lesbianism legalized in Nigeria’ – BBNaija‘s Diane

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Big Brother Naija ex-housemate, Diane Yashim, recently said that she would love to see ‘lesbianism’ legalized in Nigeria.

The reality TV star made this known during a question and answer session with some of her fans via Instagram.

Diane had asked her fans to reveal some of the secrets they haven’t shared with anyone.

One of her fans decided to open up about her sexuality as she stated that she is attracted to girls and wished lesbianism was permitted in the country.

In response to this, Diane also wished that lesbianism could be legalized in Nigeria.

The reality TV star also tried to cheer up another fan, who admitted to being gay and depressed.

‘I will love to see Lesbianism legalized in Nigeria’ – BBNaija‘s Diane 4


  1. Rubbish, sorry to say, if your parents were same sex will u be in this world? What is wrong is wrong. Stay away from it.

  2. Which religion is it practicing lesbianism or gay, why are you thinking like this from your anus. That won’t be done.

  3. That’s what God penalized Sodom and godom for in the olden, if you are Christian Don’t you read your Bible and what your Bible says about.

  4. Lesbian and gay is not in the book of Almighty God either Quran or Bible. We should desist from what Almighty God will be punished us for.

  5. Useless human being…. That is not gonna happen cuz Nigeria is a very religious country and we will allow you to destroy the country with this barbaric attitude and behavior of the westerners.

  6. That will not happen because this country is very religious so stop dreaming of your barbaric and insolent dreams…

  7. when discipline declines character decay’s. By their foot you shall know them.. Could it be the effects of that immoral show BBN is telling on her? how do you open those dried lips of yours and campaign for such abominables. you just gave a good reason why you and your kind shouldn’t be taken serious. the earlier you retract those despicable words the better for you.

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