“I wonder if Nigeria is a prison cause 90% of her people want to escape” – Mr 2kay

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Nigerian singer, Abinye David Jumbo, better known as Mr 2kay has stated that 90% of Nigerians are looking for ways to escape Nigeria and never come back.

The Afro-highlife musician took to his Twitter page to demand that the narrative be changed. According to him, Nigeria feels like a prison where the prisoners are yearning for freedom.

He wrote;

“Sometimes I wonder if NIGERIA is a prison or country? Cos 90% of her people are looking for ways to escape n never come back, we must change this NARRATIVE #LekkiMassacre #EndSARS”


  1. My dear brother our politicians have turned this country into prison o that’s why everybody wanna escape to a free country that is not as bad as Nigeria.
    So if you see anybody that wants to escape don’t blame the person.

  2. That’s truth of it, our leaders are treating us like prisoners because they make life unbearable for us, they are the only ones enjoying the common wealth of Nigeria without feeling concern about others.

  3. The atmosphere of the country are not friendly at all with the way our leaders are ruling us, instead of making everything easy for us to access the reverse is the case, sincerely speaking.

  4. If we the of things the it’s going in country no one would prefer staying in Nigeria because our leaders didn’t value the lives of her citizens and they are treating us like animals, therefore, no one would ever travel out and dream of coming back.

  5. Let’s look at the #endsars and #endpolicebrutality protest, what do they do to the protesters? Killing of them which is not suppose to be so. Nothing to enjoy in this nation that’s why everyone wants to travel out of the country because nothing is working again.

  6. More than 90% of the people of Nigeria wants to escape from this country
    It is more than a prison, I must tell you

  7. That true, Nigeria is a prison yard for every one masses,cuz the government don’t care about the masses. If everyone has the opportunity to leave this country I think they will leave

  8. My father told me that his grand grand father told him that oneday Nigeria go better….I now ask him that… Daddy are you now telling me your own as well….my dad said not….he said he did not say Nigeria we better oneday but I should try to be praying for Nigeria every moment….please what do you advise me to tell my children and my unborn child? Can this country be ok????

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