“It is possible Hoodlums wearing Army Uniform behind Lekki Shooting” – AGF, Malami

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Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami has raised a possibility that the October 20 shooting of #EndSARS protesters in Lekki was done by hoodlums and not soldiers, and that investigation needs to be carried out to determine who shot the protesters.

Speaking during a press conference, Malami said that it would be pre-emptive to say that there has even been a shooting and that the possibility the act was done by hoodlums should be considered.

“You cannot rule out the possibility of perhaps hoodlums that set in to create a scene… could equally partake in the process,” Malami said.


  1. Mhhhhh!!!! Mtcheeeeew
    Why are these people making the masses more and more annoyed as the day passes by
    They say this today and tomorrow they say another just to exonerate themselves from this heinous crime they committed

  2. Why is the whole Anthony general of federation speaking like illiterate, saying that the hoodlums are the one behind the shooting of those protesters at lekki toll gate. It’s so barbaric.

  3. Our leaders are full of lies, when the army commander of 81 battalion has come out and confess that they were asked to go to the seen and you are telling us that they are hoodlums.

  4. Which one are we going to believe now when army said is the governor of the Lagos State asked them to come and you telling us that hoodlums wear the army uniform.

  5. It’s army that firstly denied it and later now it’s the AGF Malami, why are they always telling us lies. Shame on them.

  6. Mr. Man if you don’t know what to say you better close that thing you called mouth of yours
    Ok lemme ask you Malami were you among the hoodlums that wore Army Uniform to shoot at Lekki Toll Gate?
    Army people have said it that they won’t disclose the identity of the person that sent them on that mission at Lekki Toll Gate, and you are here saying trash.

  7. This most be stupid… Why lying when something is very clear like this..chai this administration is worse of the worse..

  8. But the soldiers already admitted themselves that it’s sanwolu that invited them. So where did you now get the format of hoodlums wearing soldiers uniforms?

  9. It shall never be well with you malami…what are you saying? Are you trying to back Nigeria army?….see let me advice the country…is just you are trying to create war I swear. We want tje prove that it was hoodlums behind the lekki toll gate killing. Useless people.

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