SARS Officials threw me from a two-storey Building – Petitioner tells Judicial panel

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Another petitioner, Ndukwe Ekekwe has narrated his ordeal in the hands of operatives of the defunct Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

Speaking on Tuesday before the Judicial Panel of Inquiry and Restitution set up by the Lagos State Government to investigate the brutality and inhumane operations of the defunct police unit, Ekekwe said he was randomly arrested without any valid reason, beaten up and then transferred to SARS office in Ikeja on February 16, 2018.

Ekekwe also revealed that he was stabbed at different parts of his body by the officers, and later taken to his shop at Alaba where they broke in and started auctioning his products.

Thereafter, as he started shouting for help, he said the officers took him up a two-story building and threw him down – an incident which caused him to break his spine. Although he survived the incident, Ekekwe is now confined to a wheelchair.

He told the panel that he would like to be compensated, as he also lost goods worth N15million. The panel is expected to ensure justice for the various victims that have been affected by police brutality.


  1. Those SARS are so wicked with inhumane treatment meted out with citizens which are innocent people, this is very bad indeed.

  2. All those policemen are wicked once they are in that uniform, they will feel on top of the world that they can do so many things and nobody will query them.

  3. Hmmmmm
    Could this be true? Many people will come out of their shell now because government wants to compensate people, some will now accuse SARS wrongly.
    I won’t support any form of accusation against SARS o.

  4. I hope all those affected people will get justice from the Judicial panel set up by the state government if otherwise it has no meaning.

  5. All those SARS are evil and their attitudes are also awful because I’m wondering how would a reasonable person carried out such treatment and meted it out to human being, it so sad.

  6. This is crazy..o
    Man’s inhumanity against man. Throwing someone down from a two storey building is a callous act

  7. If you allow everybody in this country to come out and tell everyone Nigerian what they have experience concerning SARS, 80%nof Nigerian we come out. So that’s your own experience about stupid people called SARS.

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