Social Media Censor: Northern Governors do not want their hold on Almajiri to end – Reno Omokri

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Reno Omokri, a former aide to ex-president, Goodluck Jonathan has reacted to the call for censorship of social media by Governors from the Northern part of the country.

Governors of Northern States on Monday had asked the Nigerian Government to regulate social media to curb the spread of ‘fake news saying the effect of uncontrolled social media is devastating.

Reacting to this news, Reno Omokri expressed that despite the numerous challenges bewildering the North, the Governors are focused on the wrong thing by calling for the censorship of social media adding that Social Media is opening the eyes of the almajiri, and once their eyes are open, their hold over the almajiri ends.

He wrote;

“Northern Nigeria has the following challenges:

•Boko Haram
•The extremest poverty on planet Earth
•13 million out of school children

Yet, Northern Governors’ priority is censoring Social Media. These Governors are a Social Mafia! #EndSARS

The real reason why Northern Governors are against Social Media is the same reason many of them were upset with @GEJonathan. Because he built 165 almajiri schools. Social Media is opening the eyes of the almajiri, and once their eyes are open, their hold over them ends #EndSARS


  1. They are the one facing many challenges yet they are not ready to tackle those challenges, instead focus on the less concerned issues.

  2. There are numerous challenges facing them such as insecurities, poverty and so on. But those governors don’t want to solve or tackle those problems except siphoning the money.

  3. Regulating those social media on fake news is a means of that they don’t want people to expose their atrocities and I hope that God won’t allow them.

  4. Misplace of priorities because those stupid northern governor just wants to continue to inprison their citizens and didn’t want them to grow forward…

  5. They just wanna use social media to cover their atrocities and their bad government.
    Before they sit on those seats social media has been invoke, its now they know its a source of fake news to them.

  6. Don’t mind them when it comes to things that can favour the masses they will not be concerned to hold meeting but when it is the things that will expose their evil deed and incompetence you will see them act fast with speed and actions.

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