“Stop Misleading the Congregation” – Laila St. Matthew Daniels tells pastor Funke Adejumo over her ‘a woman whose husband’s life does not appreciate after marriage is a witch’ statement

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Life coach, Laila St. Matthew Daniels has called out clergywoman, Funke Felix-Adejumo over her statement where she told a congregation of women that any woman whose husband’s level does not appreciate after marriage is a witch.

In a video making rounds on social media, Funke advised the women to make their own money and stop depending on their husbands for everything. She added that they shouldn’t spend all their time “popping out babies” instead they should get something doing to assist in paying the bills.

Reacting to this, Laila in a post on Facebook warned her to stop misleading the congregation, she wrote;

”This woman – I hear preaches well in the area of parenting but when she crosses to other areas – it’s a give and take.

How can she say this? And I refuse to accept some people’s comments that the whole message should be listen to. The man who only picks this up will react if for any reason HE is having issues with his business etc.

What about if he is a lazy one and makes her life uncomfortable – that means he is a WIZARD?

Taking the scripture – ‘he who finds a wife….and receives blessings from the Lord”. The blessing is dependent on how he uses it ….. also how is he treating her?

She should STOP misleading the congregation!”


  1. I have already said this that it depends on how answer their prayers because they are not the one providing for themselves it’s Almighty God.

  2. What he said might be partially true but we have many husbands who are very lazy and don’t want to involve or engage in any job done, what do we call that.

  3. There are lots of husbands who doesn’t want to listen to any advice from the wife then what do we call this, the issue of husband and wife sometimes work against one another.

  4. We are there or married in order to assist one another and love is the Paramount it because once you love one another and living with one another with one mind, there will be no problems or issues among the couple.

  5. All these talks depends on the angle one sees it from
    Everyone is right here depending on the variables taking place on a certain or particular condition

  6. The wife is a helper and not a wealth maker… It not encouraging calling a woman witch because her husband is not doing well financially.

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