“The insecurity in Kaduna is bad and life has no value” – Aisha Yesufu calls out El-rufai

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Human Rights Activist and Co-convener of the bring back our girls campaign BBOG, Aisha Yesufu has called out Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-rufai over the series of incessant killings and kidnap in the state.

This comes after a lady on Twitter called out the Governor over the kidnap of her sisters which includes a pregnant woman and her brother who went to pay the ransom abducted alongside.

Reacting to this Aisha Yesufu in a series of tweets called out all Northern Governors to focus on the havoc happening in their states rather then censoring social media. According to her, she alleged that the most foolish assumptions the Northern Governors have is thinking they curtailed the #EndSars protest. She added that there is need for an awakening.

“This should make us all call out @GovKaduna & @elrufai that has failed its people. The insecurity in Kaduna is bad and life has no value yet people are more concerned about the choices of individuals than choices of those elected to serve. When will #SecureNorth matter to North?

“Northern Governors should focus on the poverty, illiteracy, insecurity, kidnapping killings, street kids in the North.

“The most foolish assumptions the Northern Governors have is thinking they curtailed #EndSars protest. There is an awakening! The Northern youth will come after them in the most senseless manner just like kidnapping that started in the south is most senseless in the North today

“The North does not want to be secured and really no need demanding #SecureNorth. Their Governors here show the killings in the North we are worried about means nothing to them. They have enough population to use as collateral damage. We need to have the Nigerian conversation!

“Boko Haram, bandits and kidnappers are the least of the problems of the North. The main problem in the North are the Northern Governors, Northern traditional rulers and Northern religious rulers. There is no need demanding #SecureNorth. The demand should be #FreeNorth, she wrote


  1. In kaduna on daily basis killing,rape,kidnap all manner of crime have become the other of th day the government should intervain because our state is becoming lawless

  2. That is true because the ways even El rufai is governing this state is very bad and he didn’t care about what is happening in southern kaduna because it is not hausa dominated area.

  3. That man is very stupid… He is amongst the problems of the state because of religious beliefs and biases systems of government….

  4. Maybe those northern governors are thinking from their anus not from their head anymore because with all these incessant killing of innocent people in the north, bokoharam and so on, there is nothing to do about this except censoring of the social media. That’s bad.

  5. I think those northern governors are just after their pockets nothing else, because if not instead of having meeting on how to find lasting solution to the problems that faces them, they left it and face social media issue nawa oooo.

  6. The problems of the citizens are not bothering except 2023 where they still hold one or two post, instead of serving us we are the one serving them with our tax payers money.

  7. Instead of northern governors to focus on solving or finding lasting solution to these problems of The Poverty, Illiteracy, Insecurity, Kidnapping Killings, Street Kids In The North, they are busy enriching their pockets.

  8. One thing I love about this woman is the way she talks. She fears no one as far as she is saying the truth
    She does not care whose ox is gored
    It is nice you are telling them the truth

  9. Insecurity in the north as been a major problem or challenges over the years. And Kaduna axis as been one of the most dangerous area in the north these days. Hope something is done urgently.

  10. How that one take concern is….is hausa human being? They are a goat now because all there attitude and behavior is like animals….so life has no value in there mind….let them be killing themselves now.

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